Girls In Sports: Case Study on Women Participation in High School Sports

Girls In Sports: Case Study on Women Participation in High School Sports

This case study investigates the factors that might contribute toward a higher level of participation among female students in high school sports.

Specifically, it will consider and explore the ways that access to a variety of athletes, facilities, and opportunities can lead to an improvement in gender equity.

The research aims to identify habits, patterns and practices that should be encouraged so that female student athletes feel welcomed and included in sports activities.

The initial survey for the Girls in sports case study was taken between May and September 2022 across different states. Conducted by the 29 local freelancers hired on Fivver to contact / ask questions from local high school students.

The online research and survey was led by NOAH MACKENZIE in partnership with AMIT ABHISHEK with the support of the MARCOS ROBAINA ( leader of all the freelancers on team ).

Data Collection

To conduct our case study on women’s participation in high school sports, we gathered a wealth of information from across the United States.

Using carefully crafted surveys and interview guides, as well as a detailed research protocol, we compiled a list of US high schools that offer sports activities and have active websites.

By doing so, we were able to access recent information regarding their sports events and the level of participation for both young men and women.

For this case study, data was collected in 4 stage. Initial survey ( help from on site freelancer ), data collection from list of US high schools website, online survey ( girls only ) and feedback from women interest groups.

With this research approach, 1,896 women and girls were able to provide their opinions regarding sports in high school by answering the 15-minute survey.

The sampling for the survey was taken from various sources, such as social media platforms, female sports groups, and Facebook survey boosted by ads.

Key Take Away

  • Girls aged 14 to 16 are 1.8 times more likely to drop out of sports than boys due to anxieties surrounding judgement from peers, coaches and society.
  • When asked why women are not usually as successful at sports as men, 29% attributed it to lack of interest, 44% believed it stemmed from a lack of support or concern, 13% thought it was linked to physical strength, and the rest said “don’t know / can’t say”.
  • The survey showed that there was a significant gender gap in participation, with 39% of female students taking part in sports compared to 54% of male students.
  • Volleyball is second-most popular sport among high school girls behind outdoor track and field.
  • High School in Midwest perform poorly in women participation in sports.
  • More women are interested in sports but concerned. ( Need motivation & support to help them participate )
  • The results of the survey suggests in US High School, Women are Participating 2.55 Times Less Than Men in Sports.
  • In our initial survey of 640 high school students 120 girls choose “Lack of Access to Facilities” as the primary barrier to participation of girls in sports.
  • While a whopping 153 girls believe improper media representations and lack of role models in sport as the primary cause for low female participation.
  • 40% of women Believes in Sports Stereotype.
  • Only 3% believes women have better opportunities in sports.
  • 14% Drop out of sports due to Negative experience.
  • Responding to attitude questions on a 1-5 scale, where 1 is “not at all” and 5 is “very much”, nearly all participants felt strongly that there should be equal opportunity for men and women in sports.
  • When asked who play a key role in their participation in high school sports? 94% respond with parents, teacher or coach.
  • 67% of participants Don’t Watch Women Sports.
  • Girls also reported feeling more pressure than boys to prove themselves on and off the field due to gender stereotypes that surround sports in general.

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