Food That Helps Prevent Getting Tired Of Your Workdays

Food That Helps Prevent Getting Tired Of Your Workdays

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Let’s face it; we all have been through coming out tired of our hectic work schedule. Weekdays are long full of work, stress and never ending struggle to finish deadlines. Not all are made equal; but for me and many others it’s hard to cope with work after work; going gym and preparing food for myself.

Some days i go to gym while others just make the dinner; but at none be able to do both. By the time we reach home we feel so weak; that we just eat, relax and sleep. But how can i change for good; feeling energetic each evening ? Luckily it isn’t that hard to get energized again and be productive.

While most people go for the wrong path; reaching for a cup of coffee or cigarettes to get an instant fix but its effect soon wear off. They might feel tempting and quick solution but are bad for health and does not last longer. The only boring yet effective old school way to maintain your energy is to; take short breaks in between and take food that gives you instant energy.

The one thing that i find above all to be responsible for tiredness and incapacity to work anymore; is our habit to drink less water. Off-course we drink tea, coffee, drinks ( coke, Pepsi ) and other liquid beverage; but hardly make up to plane water. For me and most of my colleague drinking enough water and adding few foods in our diet chart do make the difference.

12 Food To Boost Endurance, Stamina And Energy

A good food is the one which does fill your appetite but not your stomach; so you don’t feel dizzy while working. Furthermore it should be cheap, easily available and should provide quick burst of energy. Many a times we just feel as tired or energetic due to wrong eating habits; such as fast foods which does not provide much other than few calories.

1 ) Eggs – In Any Form

There is a reason why eggs in one form or another is the part of breakfast among leading military academy across the globe. Being an marine engineer i had a tough time in the academy; although it was not even near to the standards of regular military academy.

You just won’t be left with any energy after P.T, Training, Prade , classroom and mandatory evening gym; if it wasn’t be great breakfast with eggs and bananas. Man that was tough times; but i never feel tired or weak unless i miss the breakfast for any reason.

Eggs are the rich source of proteins, healthy fats and energy; which not just keep us energetic but also satisfy our appetite. Furthermore its yoke is stuffed with variety of vitamins, minerals and some cholesterol. Research have shown that its healthy to eat up to 4 full eggs; as the cholesterol in the yoke won’t negatively affect your health.

2 ) Plain Water

Being more than 60% of human body; water is crucial for our health and well being. Water is important to our body organs and their function; and any abnormality can leads to short and long term complication.

Studies have shown over and over gain; that dehydration can lead to stress, mood swings, tiredness and lack of concentration. Yet most of people drink much less water during office time. One can easily boost up his energy by drinking a glass of water once he / she starts to feel tired.

This happens due to the fact that; during dehydration our kidneys has to do more work to remove the toxic compounds from our body. Not just it require more energy but also results in increase overall toxicity in our body; affecting our hormonal balance and vital organ function.

3 ) Bananas

One of the most used fruit in the world; its been eaten as part of the breakfast or in evening as a post workout light snack. Bananas are the go to food when you run out of fuel ( energy ).

It is well known to be the champions fruit with rich source of carbohydrates, potassium, amino acids and natural sugar; which make it a perfect source of energy whenever feeling tired or weak.

While carbohydrates and sugar gives you instant energy; amino acids helps you be alert and attentive with potassium helping reduce stress and muscular fatigue. Add bananas to your breakfast and evening snack and get recharged again.

4 ) Sprouted Grains

A sprouted grain is the whole grain with sprout. It is obtained by soaking the grain in water; and then leaved to dry and germinate on its own. They are cheap and tasty solution to low carbs high protein diet with lot of fiber; that helps keep you feel satisfied for long.

A sprouted grains are easier to digest, have lower carbohydrate level, provide quick energy, are full of nutrients, control blood sugar; and helps recover from fatigue and tiredness.

Take half cup of sprouted grains in morning and after you reach home in evening; you can also remix with dry fruits and other stuff to make it more tasteful. Within a week you will start to feel the increase in your residual energy; what is left after hectic workdays.

5 ) Dates

They are usually sticky yet delicious and helps keeps up your energy level at all times. Being a fruit of palm tree they are rich in energy and nutrients without much water. A fresh date is sticky and soft but what we usually see in market are dried up to remove that sticky nature.

Since dates are grown in very warm areas and are dried up before packaging; they have very high calorie to weight ratio. They are stuffed with lots of energy, protein, fiber and small amount of vitamins and minerals.

Dates are rich in iron and potassium minerals; which regulates your heart rate and increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. This together with the natural sugars; provides an instant and long lasting source of energy.

6 ) Oatmeal

Most people don’t left with any energy in the evening because they never start the day with their battery charged. Many among us prefer breakfast full of fat and protein; and ignore carbohydrates which accounts for long term energy.

Various nutritional journals have proven time and again that; people who eat food rich in complex carbohydrates tends to feel much fresh and alert during and after the work hours.

Getting an oatmeal will ensure you feel satisfied for long with a steady source of energy throught the day. They are considered heavy and takes time to digest; suppressing your desire to eat more an more.

7 ) Chocolates

Just like a coffee it contains caffeine like compound “theobromine” but are healthy with no side effects unless you eat more than 80g per time. Chocolates can be a great source of energy specially when you are feeling tired and extenuated.

Studies have shown that the chocolates specially the dark ones; are beneficial for your health and well being if taken in small amount. They are well known for increasing alertness, stimulate metabolic activity and provide a sudden boost in energy.

While normal chocolates have added sugar which makes them sweet and delicious; dark chocolates have natural sweeteners with simpler molecular structure. This means they are easily consumed to our body giving us quick energy; even when they don’t feel sweet enough. Generally it is considered that; the darker it is the better it is for the health.

8 ) Apples

There is a famous proverb which says; an apple a day keeps doctors away. It is full of different vitamins and minerals; while being both cheap and radially available across the globe.

Apples are loaded with high content fructose which helps provide energy with its first bite in mouth. Fructose are the naturally found compound similar to that of sugar; but are much quicker at being consumed by the body cells.

Being naturally occurring compound it does not affect much to our blood sugar level; and are considered safe for diabetic in small amount. Eat just one apple each day during lunch break or after work to recharge your lost energy.

9 ) Milk

While drinking milk does not provide with quick source of energy; but helps improves strength, stamina and endurance which increase your overall energy reserves in long run.

Your milk contains necessary nutrients such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, protein, niacin, and vitamins such as A,D, B2 ,B12. While calcium, potassium and phosphorous helps improve your bone and muscular strength; other nutrients such as protein and vitamin B2 helps you maintain more energy for the same time.

Furthermore they are easy to digest and boost immunity. An adult should drink at least two cups of milk each day; to improve and sustain his / her stamina.

10 ) Lemon

Sounds weird right? But lemon are well known for their vitamin c content; which helps boost your metabolic activity improving overall alertness and energy.

While it does not actually give you much energy but alter the way your body process food. A glass of lemon juice in the morning; can increase the rate by which energy is absorbed by your body cells.

Furthermore lemon is also known to be beneficial to better management of blood sugar; reduce fatigue, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion. The antioxidants it contains helps fight the oxidation stress in muscles relieving tiredness due to muscles fatigue.

11 ) Nuts

Almost all nuts like, almond, Macadamia, peanuts, cashew and pecans are rich in nutrients, healthy fats and lots of calories. The best part is that they are easily digested; accounting for quick but prolonged source of energy.

All nuts are small and easier to carry; so you can carry them to office in pocket and have them whenever you want. If taken regularly it will helps improve your endurance and energy level.

Although its good for health and give you energy when most needed; it does not go hand and hand with weight loss due to its higher concentration of calories. One should take nuts in small amount two or three times a day.

12 ) Toffee And Candy

Not well known but one of my favorites. A candy or toffee can be an excellent source of energy when you feel tired or lazy. They are easy to store and carry; and it only takes one or two to feel refreshed again.

Take two candy or toffee with you in your office and eat one just after you left office and one after you arrive home. The high sugar content in them will provide you with instant energy.

Since they have loaded with sucrose ( Glucose + Fructose ) they are only beneficial in short amount; and just give enough energy to feel well but not increase your stamina to fight getting tired in long run.

But What Makes Us Tired in First Place ?

Every time our body does not meet up with the physical and mental demands; it become fatigue and makes us feel tired. Even all tiredness is not the same; while most are common and due to less sleep, overtime, hard work etc while some may be another symptom of weird disease.

The most common reason why most men and women feel tired is lack of proper sleep at night; whether be due to stress, late night working to complete job, wasting time on youtube or unlimited thoughts making it hard to sleep. Many people have this tendency to move their legs and body while sleep; which also some times lead to poor quality sleep.

The other common reason why people feel tired is lack of stamina, office pressure, improper food habits, anxiety, diabetes, weight loss, physical effort and pollution. People on some form of dieting or fast are the one to get tired too often and too fast; they are already low on calories and heavy mental or physical work deplete their energy reserves.

While it force the stored fat to burn but it also make them irritated which negatively affects your mood and desire to work. Being siting or standing in just one position; put pressure on just one or few set of muscles causing it to feel fatigued. Even the mental work is not that easy these days; navigating through office politics and regular job to secure your position at the office.

The mind takes a considerable amount of energy to work; and for those with introvert thinking it requires some time in alone to recharge your mental capacity. Similarly for extroverts sitting on desk for long drain up their capacity; and they need breaks to get along with colleagues and feel refreshed.

Long Term Solution To Tiredness And Fatigue

There is just one thing which really work in long term fighting tiredness i.e building stamina. Building Stamina is the method to learn how to maintain same level of energy and attention; throught a specific time interval over time. You can also call it as capacity building; something like changing your existing battery with one of higher capacity and size.

The best method known to build stamina is to swim regularly. Even an half an hour swimming each day or four days a week can drastically affect your stamina in a good way. The key is not to swim 20, 30 or even 50 meters but to try and follow a swimming routine. Join a swimming training program if you just can’t swim.

Don’t have time to learn swimming or are too afraid of waters; luckily there is still an another way to build stamina i.e jogging. Wake up early in the morning and take two to three rounds of your nearest park or field; if not why not do it from your home to the main street and back to home.

Do you know not all shoes are meant for jogging and running; running shoes have flexible rubber sole which provide better support and stability to your foot. While its okay to use an old running shoe for the purpose; but never wear an damaged one as will damage your knee ligaments and make you unable to walk ( at least for 1-2 weeks : i have faced it ).

You can buy good quality running shoes on amazon; actually i buy one recently as my last was get damaged. Click the link Over Here to check current price of running shoes for men and women on amazon.

I Can’t Swim Nor Run – Am I Doomed ?

No you are not doomed or should loose hope if you can’t swim or run; everyone is different and just doesn’t have enough time and money to invest. Moreover more people use non traditional methods such as yoga and meditation these days; over traditional methods such as running and swimming to build endurance and improve stamina.

It’s not just about making different difficult poses or some old guy practicing breathing techniques; but a way of life that will let you be amaze by its outcome. All you need is a good yoga mat to start which you can get easily from amazon at reasonable price; but can also be done on floor if you like.

Start with easy yet effective strength building pose like navasana ( boat pose ), bridge pose, child pose and dhanurasana ( Bow pose ). In boat pose sit straight on your yoga mat with knees bend and hands behind your hip. Take a deep breath and bend backwards while exhaling letting your legs freely go straight in air.

Make sure your spines are straight and you balance your body using your straight legs keeping your hand straight to the front. Hold for 10 seconds and get back to initial position. Repeat the procedure for five to ten minutes; with five second break in between. I know its feel hard to understand just by words; so go to youtube and follow the specific yoga poses as they do in video.

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