10 Hilariously Easy Exercise To Improve Ur Overall Health

10 Hilariously Easy Exercise To Improve Ur Overall Health

Even when you are not an athlete or in some short of physical activity or workout; you know much about various exercises in general thanks to the free information on internet. While not all exercise are hilariously easy or too simple to perform; there are some which definitely are.

Following a regular exercise schedule is beneficial for our hearts and health in general; boosting immunity, burning unnecessary stored fat and reducing risks to diabetes. But if you are a newbie to exercise and workout; i know how much you hate it all hard work, sweat and the feeling of exhaustion when done.

So to makes things easy for yourself i have come forward with this; short list of hilariously simple exercise to boost your health researching and working out with my own personal experience. These exercise are basically easy to perform at any place with little to no equipment; the only thing which you ever need is a pair of 20 or 30 pounds dumbbell. Something you can easily get on amazon for 40 or 60 dollars; you can check on its current price on amazon from link over here.

1 ) Planks

A simple to do workout holding yourself in a pushup like position for as long as you can; which have all the benefits of crunches and neither of its drawbacks. While crunches give targeted results if done wrong it can also produce weird distorted abs. The plant is the way to go if you really want to shape your abs, strengthen core and improve your body posture.

If you ever pay attention to fitness news or articles; you must have seen fitness experts performing various forms of plank exercise. While there are over fifteen variation of plank exercise; we will discuss about the few easy ones.

A ) Elbow Plank

Elbow plank is an amazing core exercise that goes hard on abs than other planks variations. Start by resting down on the floor or yoga mat with your face down; with the support of your forearms and knees. Now slowly contracting your abdominal muscles lift up with support from your elbow and tip of the toe.

Make sure you maintain a straight alignment with your neck spine and body posture. Keep pushing yourself to stick to this position avoiding your hips to either fall down or move too up to support. Take deep breaths and hold on to the position for half a minute and then slowly get back to your initial position.

Repeat the same exercise for at least three times; while its a normal practice to do it for a period of five minutes. While doing do not hold your breath or ever bend your knees.

B ) Regular Plank

Its a little easier than the elbow variant targeting entire core building strength and posture; thus effectively countering back pain issues. It target the lower back muscles and the abdominal. Since it’s easy and require less motion it helps build strength without putting pressure on lower back and spines.

Get into pushup position with your head facing down on the yoga mat or floor. Now slowly place your palms at a hand apart position; so the weight shifts to your ankles. Take deep breaths and hold to your position without letting your hip go down or up under pressure for a minute; and then slowly get back to your original position.

The longer you can hold on position the better will be results; at the cost of the exercise getting harder and harder for oneself. But as a basic understanding among instructors; its common to ask one to hold just for 90 to 120 seconds.

C ) Side Plank

An elbow plank or a regular one targets the upper and lower portion of your abdomen muscles; while the side plank accounts for exercise of your abdominal muscles on both sides. Furthermore working out your abdominal muscles helps check on either side of your muscles; so you can know of any internal injury or weakness even before it becomes a problem.

Start by lying down on the yoga mat or floor by your sides with one leg over the other and support from one hand with palm on the ground. Release your another hand in air; this will helps keep your legs straight and body posture intact.

Now hold on to the position for a minute or two and slowly get back to initial position. Repeat the exercise for the next five minutes before switching to another one.

2 ) Swimming

For those struggling to perform all set of different exercise; a swimming is an excellent way to workout your complete body parts and its associated system. Basically it gives the same results as an hour of jogging in half an hour; without putting pressure on your joints. For its this nature it is extremely beneficial for those with joints pain; eager to reduce on their body weight.

Other than reducing weight it also helps tone up muscles, increase stamina, build strength and reduce stress. Different variations of swimming such as backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke; are known to improve sleep and mood swings. The best of them all is its suitability to do along with your family; even kids and pregnant women.

Even when you are beginner or are afraid of waters there is always easier to getting started. There are plenty of swimming training centers around specially in summer; waiting for you to join and become a part of the community.

Chose a safe and supportive environment to begin; do not afraid there are plenty of people there to help other than just your instructor. So other than working on your fitness make some friends and keep yourself going.

To Run Fast Or Longer

3 ) Go For A Long Walk Or Short Run

The best yet simple way to improve your health and fitness after swimming is to run and walk for longer distance. As we run or walk for longer distance; our muscles in legs and thigh starts to consume stored energy in the form of glycogen and fat. Furthermore running regularly helps develop good posture, reduce anxiety and elevate mood.

While its better to run outside in natural environment; but running on a treadmill is not bad; specially when its burns the same and doesn’t cost much. An average manual treadmill cost for about 150 to 500 dollars which varies based on discounts and season; So keep your eye out on amazon and check its current price.

Start slow with a brisk walk and slowly go for a short but fast run. While walking longer helps us burn calories; running faster helps burn them faster. Other than that it also plays vital role in improving body posture, keeps your heart healthy, strengthen bones and stay away from major disease such as asthma and anxiety.

Thinking of running its confusing to choose between the easy and the hard path; to run slow but longer or to run fast but shorter. If you feel confused and need a little blurb on the topic; read on one of our old post “Is It Better To Run Faster Or Longer For Weight Loss” by clicking link over here.

4 ) Standing Shoulder Press With Dumbbell

Most among all the beginners do the same mistake of going after heavier and heavier weights start from the beginning; without developing much needed strength and endurance in joints and shoulder muscles. Many a time this can lead to major injuries such as shoulder impingement syndrome.

This is where shoulder press in standing position came to the picture; building strength in your shoulder muscles so you can lift heavy weights without worrying of negative impacts. The exercise targets the front and side deltoid within your shoulder muscles; along with other muscles group such as triceps, chest and traps ( trapezius muscles ).

Stand upright straight with your both feet a shoulder distance apart. If you can’t keep your back straight or just doubtful of the posture; stick to the wall for a while just to get in the right posture. Take dumbbell in your hands and slowly raise it to your shoulder height and then above; keeping your palm facing forward.

While keeping your face forward slowly lift your hands up until your hands are fully extended; and then take it to initial position lowering your hands down. Do not give jerk to your hands or the dumbbell and do a number of reps as required or till you feel comfortable.

5 ) Dumbbell Squats

The dumbbell squats is a beginner friendly easy to do all round exercise that builds your overall strength. It adds power to your leg and hips muscles specially in glutes and quads. The best part of the exercise is the use of dumbbell; which speed up your fitness transformation.

Unlike any other exercise involving dumbbells there is no fixed requirement of particular dumbbell weight for the exercise. This means you can choose any dumbbell weight you feel comfortable with; and get similar results.

Stand straight keeping your legs at shoulder width apart; holding dumbbell in each hand. Now sit down; slowly lowering your torso keeping back straight. Take a deep breath while you move down keeping a steady pace. Maintain a small distance between the dumbbells and the floor; before moving back to normal initial position.

Exhale slowly as you slowly move upwards to the standing position. Do not bend your knees too much or give jerk while moving up. Do not lean on sides or forward performing squats.

Jumping jacks

Image representing Jumping jacks in Group. Note: The image is not subject to copyright due to Government Work ( U.S )

6 ) Jumping Jacks

Jumping jack is a simple to do exercise targeting whole body; which does not require any specific gear or equipment. It’s so easy that even a beginner with no past workout experience can learn and do. Chances are you might have done this in past unnoticed in the form of P.T ( physical training ) or some everyday school exercise.

It is known for its health benefits such as increasing bone density, reducing ill effects of osteoporosis, weight loss, reduce stress, control blood pressure and reduce risks of heart attack. Furthermore they are also well known and accepted for their role in strengthening muscles around the body.

Stand upright with your hands on your sides and both feet together. Jump in air with a push downward bringing your feet apart and move your hands above your head. Once done follow the process in reverse to get back to initial condition. Now repeat the process just a little bit faster for next three to five minutes.

7 ) High Knees

While it looks stupidly simple; do not let it fool of its moves. The high knees is a simple yet effective exercise; that target your legs midsection adding shape, posture and strength to your leg muscles. Learning how to do high knees is simple and fun experience.

If you feel squats ( one of the easy exercise ) hard you definitely should give high knees a try. If you ask any professional trainer he / she would tell; the only hard thing about this exercise is the brief warm up required at the beginning. Do a little bit of stretching and you are good to go with this simple exercise.

Now start by standing straight with your feet placed a hip width apart. Raise your hand forward hovering just around your belly button with your palm facing down. Move your right leg up up-till it touch your right hand palm; once touched bring it back on ground to initial position. Now repeat the procedure with left hand and leg; following an order left-right-left.

The only thing you need to ensure while the exercise is to use only the front of your leg or toe to stand or support your body; in a hopping motion.

8 ) Shadow Boxing

If you had seen boxing before you must have noticed how physically challenging it is yet its fun to do and see. While in real boxing you need to have special gears to protect; and still have risks of injuries. On other hand shadow boxing is fighting regular boxing without any real person; thus giving same workout results with no risks and lots of fun !

It’s a great low impact full body exercise consolidating all of your low and high intensity exercise in just one simple workout. Every one punch that you lift accounts for your hip, core, shoulders, arm and legs exercise. Off course you don’t use weights but yet get similar results as of regular strength training; if mixed with pushups, shoulder press, jumping jacks and Walking Lunge.

Start by getting in boxing position and slowly punching on an imaginary target for a minute or two. Then switch your legs position and repeat the same for another one or two minutes. Slowly increase your speed adding little variation as you be fighting a real enemy. After ten minutes stop and then go for a light run whether on field or treadmill. Once done if still feel energetic and nice go for another set of 10 minutes of shadow boxing followed by a light run.

9 ) Skipping Or Rope Jumping

Off all the popular exercise jumping ropes or skipping for short; is among those which passed the test of time. It’s one such exercise popular all over the world for far too long. Even i did not remember how short i was when my uncle first introduce to me the jumping ropes. He used to jump to shed some kilos as long as i remember; explaining how they learn it in their childhood.

Yes its that much old and among one such sport which i can play on my own beating my own records; other than playing chess from both sides. I believe almost everyone of us have at least tried it once in our childhood; to let it go with the time to find its corner in our store rooms.

Skipping is good for all; fitness enthusiast, performance builder, weight loss and strength builder. It’s also inexpensive and anyone can buy a rope for 2- 5 dollars. A person can use jumping ropes to do double jump, single leg jump and cross jump variations. You can use light or heavy rope type to increase targeted area and intensity.

Start by holding the both ends of the rope on each hand. Hold with a natural grip avoiding hard or death grip to improve flexibility. Place the rope behind and swing your hand and wrist to give it rotational motion. Now jump just in time to allow the rope to pass by the little gap in between your shoe and the floor. Start slow and increase speed with time and experience.

10 ) Hand Ball Exercise

Hand ball exercise using a soft ball or smiley sponge ball is one of the hilariously easy exercise. Its helps improve our strength in hand muscles and blood circulation. Its extremely helpful to those suffering from arthritis giving much needed flexibility. All you need to do is to keep the ball in your arm and squeeze.

Sit on a comfortable chair or place and place your hand forward. Now pinch the ball between your thumb and your fingers. You can also mix things up to make it a fun experience. Roll the ball on your palm with your thumb, squeeze ball between the two figures and rolling ball on the table using palm.

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