How Compression Knee Sleeve Work’s & When To Wear It

How Compression Knee Sleeve Work’s & When To Wear It

What are so special about the compression knee sleeve that almost all major athlete use it. Is is just for style, brand awareness or it really helps us in a way never heard of.

There is more than just the normal weight of our body knees hold but also the extra effort and pressure; while workout or physical activity. Involving in an intensive physical effort like running, gym and jogging; require constant support and cushioning from your knees.

Now constant compression and pressure on your knees lead to pain which then ask for time to rest and recover. But unlike any other organ it still need to work to stand and walk; even slowly with support.

Thus if not paid attention to they soon leads to injuries and long term disease such as osteoarthritis.

Using protective gears such as compression knee sleeves not just provide relief from pain due to old injuries; but also support and protect your knee joints against possible injuries and strain.

Its easy to use, beneficial and does not restrict any movement.

How Does Compression Knee Sleeves Work

Knee sleeves are designed and manufactured in a way such that it protect your knees against possible injuries and accidents. These protective gears are specially important if you take extensive use of your knees and joints on a daily basis. Made of neoprene fiber it limits the movement of the patella while jerks and sudden movement.

Compression knee sleeve protect the patella ( Knee cap protecting knee joints ); and provide the much needed support and cushioning.

Moreover the compression nature of the sleeves helps increase the blood flow; helping at better self recover rates.

Even when the knee joints are the strongest one in our whole body. The constant load to move your leg while supporting your upper body is a hell lot of work.

The fluids provide the cushioning and the ligaments hold them down to support. But still every time we walk, stand or do anything which need the support of our knees; it get degraded which luckily get repaired within hours.

But sometimes we just don’t give or have enough time for natural healing.

That’s when the compression knee sleeve came into picture. Doing what out knees usually do; supporting our upper body weight while moving legs. While its not required to wear one ever time your workout; but its highly recommended if you workout or do high intensity work on regular basis.

Knee Braces Vs Knee Sleeves – What The Difference

Its easy to get confused between the two; even i consider them the same unless i finally find out when i buy my second knee sleeve. One of the prominent difference that they have is that; one protect and support your old injuries while the other ( Knee Sleeves ) Protect from future injuries. Thus are relatively much cheaper and light.

While the both provide support they does not workout in the same way; as their priorities are different. For example while knee braces provide more ligament support to protect; your patella and the joint surface.

The compression knee sleeve squeeze the extra space; and increase blood flow thus adding up on the natural strength of the joints.

In simple words a knee sleeve can only protect and support your knees until it is naturally fine. While the knee braces makes your unstable bones stable; while changing and restricting its undesired motion.

So while knee sleeves are somewhat to be wore before and during the intensive work like running, jogging, weightlifting etc. The knee braces are to wore all time and still can’t do a lot many things.

So if you have an unstable knee rather than just the regular pain or discomfort in your knee joints; I guess wearing knee sleeves won’t help a much.

You then need to consult an orthopedic doctor or surgeon and look for the right kind of braces you need; and any further treatment you require on the part.

How Compression Knee Sleeve Work's & When To Wear It

When Should You Wear The Compression Knee Sleeve

While you should not wear knee sleeves all the time; There is a reason to why you should during the workout and heavy physical work. According to the world health care report by OECD-I-Library; 10 in every 100 male / 18 in every 100 female above 60 have artificial knees.

Now according to an article published in CBS News back in 2014; Two out of every 100 American have artificial knees. Evermore these numbers rise up quickly to almost 9 and beyond as the age cross ’60s.

That’s all when people go through a normal lifestyle; then expect what will happen with those who undergo regressive physical training of any short. While it’s not written anywhere; professional’s use knee sleeves more than ever to protect knees from damage due to jerks.

Wearing compression knee sleeve while weight lifting makes a difference; as then your knees had not just to support your own body weight but a little extra. Any time you left your knees vulnerable whether be during running or lifting heavy weight; you put your knees at risk’s.

So if its your first time lifting weight or running significant mile; you won’t find much difference. As its only with time your knee bones grinds over each other weakening each time you walk, run or do heavy work.

But for one who’s being doing same workout for a long time will feel a sudden change; the moment he / she wore the knee sleeve.

Common Questions & Their Answers

1. Are knee compression sleeves good for running ?

Ans: Not everyone runs the same way but put relatively similar pressure on knees. While running long distance regularly is good for your overall health; its certainly not that healthy for knees due to increased risks of injuries and damage.

So it’s definitely a great choice to use compression knee sleeve while running. Because it’s not just protecting you from common muscular pains but also serious medical condition such as; PCLs, ACLs and MCLs.

Knee pain especially in between the kneecap and the lower bone is common issues among frequent runners. Wearing a knee sleeve boosts the blood circulation while restricting your patella movement to a certain desired degree. Thus it allows only the desired leg movement reducing the unwanted movements due to jerks and uneven surface.

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2. Well what size knee compression sleeve should you get ?

Knee sleeves are supposed to fit just tight enough to allow compression; without restricting much movement of your patella.

But sometimes finding the correct size that just fit in is challenging; especially when you have to buy your first knee sleeve. Honestly, the best way to get the right fit is by going through the different knee sleeves in your nearest store.

But do not worry I got you covered even when you mostly buy online! Basically all knee sleeves came based on the circumference of your knees. Now suppose you measure your knee circumference while your knees slightly bend. You end up with a 14 inch measurement which means; the perfect size for your knees would be the “Small”.

Most online stores including the amazon offers different size selection based on both based on inches and final size i.e small/ medium / large. The only thing to make a note about is the need to subtract; just one inch from the final measurement while choose the size. For example if your measurement is 14″ the real size would be 14-1 = 13″.

Following this ensures that your sleeve is tight and give enough, support and compression. Which is fairly what expected from the true size.

3. Is it okay to wear compression knee sleeve at night while sleeping ?

It is absolutely normal to wear compression knee sleeve while sleeping once or twice in a month; when you can’t miss your office / work tomorrow.

But certainly its not good to wear it all the time specially while sleeping. During sleep our knees muscles and ligaments repair and thus need full space. Using knee sleeve compress and restricts patella from free motion.

Moreover when we sleep our circulatory system slows down a bit. Wearing one while helps relieve the pain it produce extra pressure on heart to maintain same blood flow.

Compression knee sleeves are meant to be wear only while we are awake and moving around ( Doing some work ). They are certainly not meant to be wore at night while asleep. Thus unless you have serious knee pain and can’t holdup till tomorrow; you should not sleep wearing compression knee sleeve.

Now even in some case when you do need to wear one during sleep; use the one which is less tight and compressive.

General Disclaimer:This article is for general information only and does not intended to replace an informed medical opinion. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem. Always consult your doctor before changing your diet, sleep habits, dietary supplements, or a new exercise routine.

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