7 ways to avoid Christmas weight gain Now

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Christmas weight gain is here! Food is everywhere, social commitments and parties take most of the weekends this month. It means decorating, having fun with the family and of course eating a lot. As winter slowly advances to different parts of the country, the excitement of the holiday season is hard to ignore.

Yes, it is the best time of year with the big side effects of Christmas weight gain.

Of all the items on your wish list, Christmas weight gain is unlikely to be one of them. Christmas weight gains are not a new thing. It is a real challenge for many to control their weight or working on to get a lean muscular body. It’s really frustrating to know that all your hard works go in vain for the week of excitement and parties. In fact, for most of the people working in tight schedules, ½ suffer this problem of weight gain once in a year. Specially in between October (“Halloween”) and the New Year ( “Full-Time Hangover”).

The number of pounds gained is not of big concern but the time it takes to lose that. As indicated by many reports, it can take up to five months to lose the weight we acquired by getting a charge out of the Christmas soul (“talking” and “Eating”). All in all, the normal individual gains about a pound a year. As indicated by a research done a couple of years ago at the University of Oklahoma. It contradicts the popular conviction that individuals procure a considerable measure of weight amid these occasions. The normal individual acquires about a pound. This one pound adds up to their weight year after year, finally, you end up with 10 pounds of extra kilos.

But why do most people gain weight during festivals?

There are many ways one can choose to reduce weight. Through diet, attitude, and system of workouts which themselves comes in many kinds and variations. All in all, they focus on the main concept of eating less or controlled eating and more of a workout. This way you somehow try to suppress your natural desire to feed. As you are are uncertain of food the next day. I am sorry but the hardware of our mind and body are of same old age obsolete model. It is programmed through the process of evolution to eat what is in front of you and save a little for the future, all thanks to the hard living conditions of our ancestors.

So when you start your weight loss program, you start to lose weight as your body tries to cope up with its requirement and its intake. Now with time it senses the need to slow down our metabolism. And try to save energy and store more fat as it prepares for the case of starvation. Less eating triggers that response and body continuously try to save as much as it can from the little it gains.

You will Gradually find “You aren’t making any progress”. (I am talking about the real people, not some celebrity)

This Is What Really Happens;

Christmas weight gain

Your body is continuously under semi-starvation condition and then Christmas arrives. A Christmas dinner is finally something you have been waiting for. After-all it’s hard to make excuses no matter how tough weight loss training you might be going through. Your body is prepared for that big treat and when it finally have it, it kick starts its metabolism. It tries to store as much as it can in forms of saturated and unsaturated fat in different areas of your body which leads to Christmas weight gain.

Many people, maybe you; will find a sudden jump in your weight which might not be much to be really worried about. But the problem is, you already have slowed your metabolism. Now your body is not going to lose that extra kilo. As it knows well that it will be a hard time as you are again under semi-starvation condition. There is not much to worry about as we have you covered this Christmas, so you can enjoy without any fear of Christmas weight gains!

Leave the worries of your work, school, and university this festival season. We will cover you with these simple tips so you do not come with a Christmas belly and fall into regret for each kilo you add. Apply these simple tips during this festive season So you can enjoy at parties and have fun without worrying about adding extra pounds.

7 ways to avoid Christmas weight gain

Don’t go on an empty stomach

Try not to attack the fattening party food on an empty stomach. Instead, eat something solid, filling and healthy before you make your excellent move to join the party enthusiasts and foodies. Take some food before you leave to attend such parties, for example, a healthy bean soup, hummus with oatcakes, vegetables or crisp products of low calorie.

Low-Fat “TURKEY”

Christmas weight gain remedy

Do not forget that turkey is an excellent source of lean and tasty protein. It is filled with other vital micro nutrients such as zinc and selenium which helps TO repair your body tissue. Not only this, it is one of the few high protein meat sources with low-fat content. Most of the fat in a cooked turkey is found in the skin. So why not remove those extra calories before you eat them?

Eat to feel satisfied, not stuffed

Have you eaten to that point where you believe you can not control any further and will eventually throw up? In all chance, when you accomplish or gain this level, you may have been little extra food. With more parties, friends, and dinners, you may have become used to this habit due to short of internal and external motivation to eat a little extra this festive season.

This season instead of eating until the point that you are completely full, eat to the point when satisfied to turn away or avoid taking a too much numbers of calories. Supporting our body, by providing enough time and opportunity to handle on these situations. Our brain learns when to stop eating and feel satisfied rather than full up to the top. By getting into the habit of being satisfied our brain helps us to check that we don’t take in those extra unnecessary calories to our food plate.

Control your food environment

It’s hard to resist when we have a better chance of eating foods available in our immediate area. Which can lead to consuming too many calories, especially with high-calorie foods. Do you know what affects our eating? Motivation and environment, according to research it had been found that men and women eat more while encouraged for eating or get influenced by people eating around them.

For example, if you are surrounded by people eating too much than their limits you might get influenced and don’t hesitate to take some extra calories in-spite of the risk’s of Christmas weight gain. We can avoid this by removing or improving them as effectively as possible: avoid the buffet table at Christmas, leave the kitchen when you have friends at home, and even consider eating something healthier than of the highest calorie food at the top.

Stay clear of too much sugar in cakes, pastries and sweets

Stay clear of too much sugar in pastries, cakes, and bread

We believe it’s Christmas season ! And you won’t want to quit enjoying most of your loved treats out of the fear of Christmas weight gain. However somewhat control over them won’t gonna hurt. A couple of calories through various sugar products you will pick down the line this festive season will require hours and hours of hard work, workout or exercise. On the off chance that you’ve eaten with carelessness the situation can even be dangerous. So do enjoy them this Christmas but with little care and control. For example, take them to dinner or as in main food but avoid taking for supper.

Switch to whole wheat flour

Switch to whole wheat flour. White flour is made from very refined and processed wheat grains, while whole wheat flour is made from grain that has not been subjected to intensive processing. They even differ in their nutritional value. They even Add a hazelnut texture to pastries and baked goods. As per the University of Colorado, they also make them healthier because it contains healthy fiber: which prevents constipation, lowers blood cholesterol and can help you lose weight. If you are not sure how it can change the taste, start with ½ full flour and ½ normal flour.

Keep your body well hydrated

While you spend the day having fun all night, be careful not to disturb your fluid intake. You do not want to spend an exhausting vacation, right? Staying filled with water will vitalize and refresh you from the inside, as well as help eliminate the poisonous chemicals that were taken along the way.


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