Best Step Through Bikes For Seniors 2022 | Review & Comparison

Step through bikes is getting popular these days among seniors and starters. Riding a bike gives us relief and freedom from the harsh realities of one’s life. It is simple, easy to use, refreshing and can be a good form of exercise. But, as we grew older people start to lose their strength and abilities. […]

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

Looking for the best cyclocross bike? One that is not just in the budget but can handle anything from fast speed to tough conditions the road throws at you. Well, Cyclocross bikes have been one of my favorite being able to perform more than a typical road bike. If you love country cycling like me […]

9 Best Fixed Gear Single Speed Bikes for Commuting

Fixed gear bikes, also known as “fixies”, are single speed bicycles with no freewheel mechanism in the drive-train. This means that when the rear wheel is rotating, so are the pedals. You can’t stop pedaling while that rear wheel is moving because it is directly connected to the pedals and they will spin for as […]

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