10 Best Beach Cruiser Bikes For Women in 2020

Best Beach Cruiser Bikes For Women

What’s more fun than riding a beach cruiser? It’s a perfect way to enjoy a day of adventure cruising bike down beach roads and beyond on any summer day. Making some of my best memories chasing endless roads on a beach cruiser in my home town in Natal. Designed for casual rides these are great … Read more

Best Bike for 60 Year Old Woman ( 2020 Top Picks )

Best Bike for 50-60 Year Olds Woman

Looking for the best bike for 60 year old woman? Senior-friendly step through bikes is all about comfort. These are designed in a way to put less stress on your joints and be easy on your back. For women with serious back issues, there is also the option of semi-recumbent bikes. Riding a bike gives … Read more

7 Best Semi Recumbent Bike (Outdoor) | Review & Comparison

Best Semi Recumbent Bike

A semi recumbent bike is the latest addition to comfortable bikes for old and adults. Being the cross between the comfort and recumbent bike it features the best of both worlds. While traditional comfort bikes give you a better riding position it still requires you to lean forward sitting on that skinny high seat. This … Read more