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How Long It Takes To Build Muscles Without Supplements

Keen to build muscles without supplements ! But If you been to any gym before or asked anyone you know attend the gym; the first thing they would recommend is to take this and this supplements.

It’s common and widespread across the world with just a little change in brand name from place to place. So it’s obvious to ask; ” Can I build muscles without ever trying supplements ? “.

Thank god the answer is yes ! Human body only understand the chemistry behind the protein and other nutrients; without paying much attention to where does it comes from.

The only reason they ask you to buy such supplement is to get a quick commission or save your time figuring what to eat to meet your daily protein requirement. With protein at the core of bodybuilding diet chart; a beginner should start by having .018g of protein per kg of your body weight.

Everyone seems to know the common fact that more protein leads to more muscles; but no one like to tells there is a limit to amount of protein our body can digest. While you can extend that limit overtime a one time does can lead to dire consequences.

The Truth Supplement Industries Don’t Want You To Know

The supplement industry is booming all thanks to growing insecurity among men and women; added with clever promotion by the known bodybuilding champions.

But the hard truth is most supplements just don’t work; you may gain a little thanks to your effort at gym but not what they promise you at the start.

If you seek to ask anyone associated with supplements; its all different with heavy promises and its role in success story of some known professional. In fact the only reason these professional never contradict their claims because; they are paid well by these giant corporations.

If you look up close; you will find they bring the same old product in a new package each next month.

Every new product they came out with seems to magically build muscles for you; for ex: ” Product XYZ that Build Strength And Body Fast”.

I don’t say they are all useless; but just ask you to be smart as i have seen myself and many others losings money with no actual growth. In fact i knew some who had build muscles from scratch all without a single dose of supplement.

Understanding Time Required To Build Muscles Without Supplements

Getting muscular and adding up to your shoulder, biceps and thighs muscles isn’t a one day task. Building muscles not just takes a great deal of effort but also time and consistency.The only thing that can’t be said for sure is the exact time required to build muscles; as it depends on person to person.

While it’s impossible to find information that gives a magic number or formula to predict muscle growth. It’s even harder to hold oneself from ever looking; specially when we regularly analyze ourself in mirror for any signs of improvement. So makes it easier to understand the current phase of your growth cycle and the way head; its wise to learn a bit about how our body function and things it need to build new muscle.

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1 ) Understanding The Natural Process

You are not building muscles because of your efforts at gym but actually it’s the one that lead to muscle breakdown and damage. The rest on another hand allow body to heal and develop. It’s a vigorous cycle of maintaining required nutrients in body, breaking down muscles and repairing damaged muscles using available nutrients.

Muscles are repaired through a cellular process in which the muscle fiber which acts much like the steam cell; undergo protein synthesis to add more nuclei to muscle cells.

So when you undergone high intensity exercise your muscles break down leading to quick response from the nearby cell; to trigger release of growth hormone. The hormone trigger the activation of satellite cells which then repair and produce more muscle cell based on available nutrients. This is when available free protein came handy in muscle growth; otherwise its hardly ever been utilized in our body.

This process overtime leads to more and more muscle fiber to grow with better load carrying capacity. This is the phase when you feel the scene of soreness in your targeted muscle group. But with time and gradual increase in intensity and load; newer muscles starts to show up on surface. This is when you actually get to see the results of your struggle !

2 ) The Standard Build-Up Timeline

While there are dozen of reasons which can affect the muscle recovery and buildup but on average it takes from 2 to 5 days. Yes 2 to 5 days; that’s the minimum rest you need to give target muscle group to fully repair and grow. Without appropriate recovery your muscles fiber will continue to get damage; and results into serious injury.

That is the reason why gym trainer asked you to make a routine for different exercise; targeting different muscle group on different day. Targeting the same muscle over and over again reduce and hinders the recovery process; thus avoiding muscle growth with high risk of injury.

That is why spending quality time with high intensity workout for just 20 minutes is far better than; spending a day in gym with all sets of exercise. While the muscle repair starts right after you quit working out but the real development happen at night while you asleep. Although the science is yet to unlock why we need sleep in first place; but various data suggest the people which don’t take proper sleep take longer for muscles to repair.

3 ) Factors That Affect Development Of New Muscles

I know the need of a realistic timeline for muscle growth which fits into everyone needs and growth. Having a fixed timeline helps you keep on tract and motivated meeting realistic goals. Although we all say it takes 3 to 10 months to build muscles but no one gives a fixed timeline.

The problem is the variation release of Satellite cells which depends on a number of factors. The common non hormonal reasons that play hand in this distinction are; lack of warmup, going for weights rather than for time, inadequate protein intake and lack of proper rest and sleep.

Many a people get into the gym lifting weights right from their bed ( morning ) or office ( evening ) without ever giving time on proper warm up. This not only reduce the chance of injuries but also extend the limit to which your muscles can take load. This leads to longer workout with weights which then results into more muscle growth.

Remember contrary to popular belief to lift the heaviest weight possible; you should go for longer time with relatively higher weight. Above all what plays major role in muscle build up is the presence of growth hormone and free testosterone. With almost 98-99% of actual testosterone in our body binned up with other molecules; the left over free testosterone are the one which speed up the growth process.

Since female body produce very few testosterone with hardly any fee molecule; its obvious to understand why it takes longer for women to develop new muscles.

Eat The Right Way To Build Muscles Without Supplements

Eating the right food to balance your protein, fat and carbohydrate requirement is essential to build muscles without supplements. Even if you do take them ( supplements ) its still one of the main aspects of body building. Doing reps of workout at gym or exercise in field not going to do anything; if you don’t provide the means to repair and develop new muscles i.e protein and carbs.

Even maintaing a right amount of fat is important as it helps maintain the flexibility in joints and control hormonal level. Take too much of it and it will store in belly and other unwanted area. Take less and you will have have issues with ligaments holding your bones joint.

Protein is found naturally in eggs, chicken, almonds, fish, turkey, fruits and vegetables. If you really want to build muscles without supplements; you gotta need to double down on your protein intake and the above source will help you fill the gap.

Many a people will take the advice the wrong way and consume more at a time and little to none rest of the day. Our body have a limit to hold nutrients and anything above that either get stored as fat or get out with the flush next morning. So balance the intake of protein for the three major meals; breaking the total required value into three equal halves.

The other misconception people have is the requirement of amino acid for building muscles. Yes they are important but almost all of your daily requirement is fulfilled by balanced diet. Mix things up and make protein rich food a fun experience rather than eating same protein shit over and over again; and get bored.

What Else You Really Need To Meet Your Goals ?

Getting stronger with nice muscular body is hard and to build muscles without supplements is even more harder. You need to do more than just taking protein and other nutrients. Yes they are vital but are the only the one half of the coin; the other half is to do high intensity workouts along with a mix of in field exercise.

It’s more than going gym and do workout on random or availability of equipment’s; rather it’s a competitive effort full of dedication and strategy. It’s the fight with ones own-self as it’s just to easy to get involved in the easy things and skip our workout routine. Even with all these fitness websites, magazine and newspaper article; you have to work on consistency, hard work and variance.

Having a strategy like having a fixed set of routine targeting selected muscle group helps get maximum results without over training or utilizing the targeted muscle group. Keep day one for the biceps, back and triceps. Similarly day two for chest, day three for the legs and then shoulders and at last a day full of crunches and all targeting abs.

If you are the one interested in six pack abs and want to look slim and muscular rather than going muscular and bulky; i think you would consider looking for our post on killer abs workout for fast results.

General Disclaimer: This article is for general information only and does not intended to replace an informed medical opinion. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem. Always consult your doctor before changing your diet, sleep habits, dietary supplements, or a new exercise routine.

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