6 Simple Ways To Boost Endurance Quickly | For Beginners

6 Simple Ways To Boost Endurance Quickly | For Beginners

Endurance is a type of strength and power though which our body withstand any challenging tasks. For example it is the endurance of an athlete, how far he can run without ever stopping. The faster your body cope up with heat and stress generated; the higher will your endurance limit.

In other words endurance is your body’s ability to heal itself while stressed during a challenging task. While endurance is frequently been thought of as part of athletics such as running, sports and marathon. It is in fact applicable to all aspects of our life.

When a person put some extra effort to push a little than its natural capability; it first add up to the muscles strength but if done consistently results in more endurance. While your strength and stamina may rise and fall its your endurance which stays together.

Thus it is different than your stamina which implies to how long you can cope up with internal stress. While endurance deals with how effective you can cope with both external and internal stress; for longer duration with better productivity than before.

The Importance Of Endurance In Our Body

Both strength and endurance go hand in hand in our body; but before we understand their relation we must understand how our body works. Our body consumes energy to produce desired output much like your phone that consumes electrical energy from battery cell to operate.

Our body consumes this energy in the form of Adenosine triphosphate or ATP in short. Under normal circumstance our body provides this energy through aerobic respiration; a process which provide more energy but at a slower pace. While under extreme condition it switch to aerobic respiration for short term needs.

Using aerobic respiration our body gives us maximum possible energy at the start of a race; or the first time we lift a weight. While it gives us initial boost increasing speed and strength; it’s only lasts for a few minutes and exhausts our body to limits.

The energy builds strength and the ability to sustain it for long time without getting fatigue is called endurance. For example if you lift the weight its your strength that makes it happen; but its your endurance which determines the reps you complete without breaking apart.

Health Benefits Of Endurance Training

Endurance training is the collective sum of separate workout training programs; such as strength training, stamina building, resistance training and weightlifting. That is the reason why different sports man are been seen spending lots and lots of time at the gym.

Pursuing endurance training not just improves the overall physical performance of your body; but also leads to leads to long life and other minor health benefit we some times ignore. Whether you do endurance training at home, gym or at the field; its gave the same results.

1 ) Helps In Healthy Weight Loss

Whether you may ask anyone who had lose weight in the past or google it down; you will find it needs a fix with your routine and food to loose weight. But what there is another way to do it more efficiently; while not letting your muscles and strength get lost with the unwanted fat.

As we starts to age we burn far less fat when at rest than in childhood thanks to decreasing metabolism. But taking part in endurance training; helps boost our metabolism thus resulting in more calories burned when sitting idle. This then results in faster weight loss; even without much added effort.

2 ) Helps In Improving Mood & Mental State

If you feel low, demotivated, sleepless at nights and somewhat lost under peer pressure to perform. You need to involve in physical activity. This not only increase blood flow to your organs reducing blood salinity; but also helps reduce the cortisol level ( a stress hormone ).

Pursuing endurance training not just reduce stress and mental pressure but also builds confidence and self esteem. This together helps in better sleep at night, good mood and sound mental state. Research have even shown than such training sessions helps fight depression and work stress.

3 ) Helps Prevent injuries Improving Strength & Balance

Working on endurance training program not just strengthen your muscles and joints but also helps with posture. Doing it also helps your muscles stay away from atrophy as you starts to age. The metabolism it increase helps keep fat in check and maintain bone density in women.

Having good posture and higher metabolism makes your body less susceptible to pain and injuries. Noticing your body getting stronger and firm helps boost your self image. This helps in higher confidence and so higher success in a number of initiatives you take in or outside of the training activity.

4 Boost Immunity & Keep Sugar In Control

Undergoing intensive endurance training program helps in protein synthesis. This then results in more generation of white blood cell in our body; boosting our immunity against virus and bacteria. I won’t say you will never get sick but you will get sick less often than normal.

Undergoing such training also helps improve the insulin sensitivity within our body; thus keeping disease like diabetes. The coping mechanism while training improves the glucose storing capacity within muscles group; while strength training helps grow these muscles which then consume more glucose.

6 Simple Ways To Boost Endurance In Our Body

1 ) Dance Not Just For Fun But Also For Your Health

Yes, dancing is a form of exercise! In fact its not just one exercise but a mix of more than two specific exercise performed in a random way. After-all, dancing is all about making separate moves and then combining them together to make an art form.

One of the reason why dancing works quite well as the training exercise because of its randomness. Our body get used to a routine or specific exercise in a week or two. So to push it further we need to break the routine and add surprise element; which dance brings in with a little bit of fun element.

Other than just building endurance within our body it also helps boost our stamina. Dancing increase stress on muscles group in a controlled way thus forcing to improve over time; while getting in more blood and air leading to development of more capacity in the chest and heart.

2 ) Combine Strength With Cardio

Strength exercise such as lifting weight leads to a sudden spike in our metabolism; as our body struggles hard to keep up with recovering muscles fiber as they degrade while weightlifting. In fact this for every 300 calories you burn there’s 50-70 calories burn just due to spiked metabolic rate.

On another hand exercise such as running, jogging and bicycling burns even more calories per minute. They not just easy to start but also more helpful; when it comes to building endurance and burning up calories. The only difference is cardio exercise increase metabolisms at slower pace but for the whole body rather than certain parts of it.

So when we combines the two we can achieve even better results and much faster. So on one hand strength training increase metabolism faster to a limit. Its the habit of engaging regularly in cardio exercise which will build strength, stamina and endurance there after the limit.

3 ) Start Playing Sport That You Like

You may find it odd to read or know but playing outdoor sports like tennis, baseball, cricket, soccer etc are good for endurance. In fact its the best way you can build it slowly over years without much effort. The best part is you will do all the exercise you need while enjoying the sport.

Sports like rugby, football ( Soccer ), lawn tennis and basket ball requires you to constantly moving. For example you can’t be able to stay in the game of tennis without putting an all out effort. The only best part of them is that you put on all the effort you possibly can but still feel you don’t feel like doing it.

No matter what sport you wish to play it takes a great deal of constant effort with subsequent short rest time. This is what that makes it better at building endurance; with many added advantages like team play, planning capabilities and stress bearing capabilities.

4 ) Make Your Rest Time Short In Between The Sets

Man, i used to give myself a break for at least 120 seconds in between the sets at the gym; before i was checked by the instructor. There were also times when i gave myself up to 5 minutes; for god knows what reason. If you are undergoing strength training for endurance; cut your break short in half.

Actually that time my instructor asked me to cut it short to just 30 seconds. But i know how hard it was to switch from 120 to just 30. So i ask you to first just cut your breaks in half’s each time, till you reach to just 30 seconds. Believe me you will beg for some rest as your muscles will start to burn and feel weak.

So start slow and then move up to a situation when you can do three to four sets back to back with just 30 seconds or lesser gap in between. What this method actually does is to force our body to recover faster; thus increasing our metabolism which then positively affect our training.

5 ) Starts Climbing Stairs Rather Than Using The Elevator

Yes, that’s the most simple one but still makes significant impact in case you work on 5th or 8th or say 9th floor at the office. I know you will think of me as idiot but its a personal choice i tool which gave me better results. I don’t ask you to start with 5 or 8 floor at once, instead go as far as you can and then take the elevator for the rest.

The best part of doing this is that i can easily double your endurance and stamina in just 3 months. But the bad thing about this is that you need to do it while you are doing other forms of strength and endurance training. Using 30 or maybe 40 stairs each day may not seems enough but its what that makes difference.

Makes a habit to not use elevators for up to 4th floor either in mall’s, home apartments or at the office. Channel your effort though stairs in strengthening thigh muscles. So instead of complaining for long hours at gym start doing things which cut your gym or training time in half naturally.

6 ) Mind Games

Building endurance was always a mind game preparing mindset to push harder and go for longer distance. So you may require to break your training exercise in small slots with achievable goals. For example to run 4 mile set goat for 1 mile then 10 second rest and again 1 mile and so on.

The biggest mind training one needs to do is the ability to stick to commitments and be consistent to plan. Consistency is the key to success in endurance training weather be for beginners or pro. Being consistent in your training helps smooth and easy transition from having less aerobic capacity to more.

At last you need more than good diet for recover fast, a sound state of mind and a healthy sleep. Unless you let go your anxieties or office stress; you can’t enjoy the full potential of your capabilities. It’s like your brain engage with healing your mental stress rather than healing muscular stress.

General Disclaimer:This article is for general information only and does not intended to replace an informed medical opinion. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem. Always consult your doctor before changing your diet, sleep habits, dietary supplements, or a new exercise routine.

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