7 Benefits of Jumping Rope You Should Know

7 Benefits of Jumping Rope You Should Know

When was the last time you jump rope? Maybe your last vision of jumping rope is about the PE/PT class with your other class fellow. The popularity of jump rope training has increased over the last few years, but still many do not know the benefits of jumping rope.

For long it has been associated with a warmup for boxing, something for small kids or slim girls. But only a few know the strength of rope jumping.

Believe me or not just by jumping rope you can achieve more than what you achieve for hours of jogging or biking.

Jumping rope is a great calorie-burner; it’s easy to do and burn around 10-15 calories per minute. It is so effective that even regular athletes include this cardio exercise to their warm-up routine.

Even at a moderate level, you burn 500+ calories in just half an hour.

While many of us have a fair idea about jumping rope and how it is good for our health. But the benefits of jumping rope are more than just building endurance, strength training or fat loss.

It is good for your lungs, heart, muscles, legs, bones, ankles, balance and your mind too. A jump rope is a great investment to your fitness goal; especially when you need creativity and fun element.

It’s certainly best for weight loss. Anyone who has swung a rope for a minute knows just how effective it is. If you’re still not convinced to add it to your workout routine; then here are the seven more benefits of jumping rope to look for.

7 Amazing Benefits of Jumping Rope

1 ) It Burns More Calories Than Just Cardio

Skipping or jumping rope is one of the very best ways to burn calories. In fact, this aerobic exercise burns more calories than most cardio workouts.

Yes, you can keep on biking for long or run on a treadmill for hours, but cannot do skipping for more than 30 minutes. But for the same duration jumping rope burns 1.5 times more calories.

The basics of weight loss have always been the same. You burn more calories than you take. Now practicing intermediate fasting can help but it’s tough on yourself both mentally and emotionally.

On the other hand, cardio required long hours of consistent workout for any results. So why go through all the pain when you can achieve it with just 30 minutes of skipping.

It doesn’t mean you should stop following other methods. In fact, I personally follow all of them for maximum results. You can further increase the calorie burned by switching to a heavier rope.

Studies have shown that 1 hour of skipping burns as much as 1200 calories. That is one huge benefit of jumping rope for yourself; if you are losing weight or on a diet chart.

It’s one aerobic cardiovascular exercise that burns calories by elevating heart rate, breathing, and metabolism. Start small with short sessions of two to three minutes and grow them to 10 minutes.

2 ) It Strengthens Your Bones

Having low bone density leads to the condition such as weak bones and osteoporosis. It is the same reason why some people break their bones more so than others.

According to Dr. Daniel W.Barry, the best way to build bone mass is through weight-bearing exercises such as jumping on the place. It means the more you jump the denser your bone gets.

This makes skipping or jumping rope the best exercise to strengthen your bones. However, more research is needed in this field; to find the relation between its intensity/duration and skipping style on bone density.

The good news is, various research has proved this independently that; apart from the amount of calcium in your diet one thing that positively affects bone density is jumping rope.

Irrespective of your age or sex jumping rope for just 10 minutes; it helps in making your bones strong and denser. It is especially beneficial for people of 40 to 60 age group.

After the age of 40 especially in women the bone density decrease drastically. So it’s important to compensate for that loss in the form of jumping rope and a higher dose of calcium in the diet.

If not you risk breaking bones in your old age from a little fall. Your bone density is a marker of your good health. So do not wait and include skipping to your everyday routine.

3 ) It Is Great For Your Heart And Lungs

Jumping rope or skipping is great for cardiovascular health. In fact, this aerobic exercise helps make your heart better and stronger. The heart is the main element of your cardiovascular system and it needs some workout too.

Jumping rope increases your heart rate to pump oxygen to different parts of your body; just when it is most required because of the intensive muscular activity burning lots of calories.

This puts pressure on your heart muscles to work hard; thus making them stronger and more efficient over time. A stronger heart not just reduces the risks for a heart attack; but also maintains blood pressure.

In a 12 week study conducted on children’s; it was found that the ones that perform skipping has developed better cardiovascular system overtime than others that do not jump ropes.

While common exercise such as jogging and biking also strengthens your heart. It is the jump rope which is more efficient at it. This is why doctors often recommend adults to jump rope after 35.

The benefits of jumping rope are not just limited to your heart; but also the respiratory system and stamina. Just like your muscles in heart jumping rope boost your breathing abilities.

It makes you breathe harder thus improving your breathing efficiency. This makes your lungs to slowly grow to process more oxygen. It is very helpful if you want to boost stamina and never get out of breath.

4 ) Build Muscles And Tone Your Upper-Lower Body

Skipping rope utilizes some of the major muscle groups in our body; forearm, shoulders, legs, core, glutes, and lats. After consistent training, it slowly built new lean muscles in place of fat it burned.

But sure it won’t be the kind of muscles you build lifting weights. Plus since these muscles are much lean than the fat; they are hardly visible from the naked eye.

The good thing is, you can feel it in the form of increased strength, more power, speed, endurance, and agility. Just think about it, when jumping rope you put pressure on your abs, shoulders, legs, and arm.

They too need to grow strong to sustain the growing physical demand. this boost in your strength and endurance then will be helpful at real muscle gain lifting weights.

You can now lift more weights, do more reps and yet do not get fatigued. If you add skipping to your workout routine today; you will get 1.1 to 1.2 times faster results.

Your jump rope is the only equipment you can easily have at home. Since it targets your whole body it then is a great fit for training muscles on their off days at the gym.

5 ) It Improves Coordination & Your Posture

One of the best benefits of jumping rope is that it helps improve your posture and develop better coordination. Jumping rope is a complex task involving coordination between parts of our body.

It involves processes such as your hand-eye coordination to swing your arms or waiting for the right time to jump. whether or not you are paying attention to these movements; your brain is busy managing your hand feet movement.

This improves your motor function and leads to better coordination between all parts of your body. With practice, you will feel that you are not tipping over so often as before.

Now because of the complex nature of skipping and repetitive motion; it somewhat gets to your muscle memory. You will feel like you get a bit lighter on feet and keep on jumping without the fear of tipping over.

Another benefit of jumping rope is that it helps improve your posture and be better balanced. Now when you are forced to spend most of your time hunched over the computer.

One needs some time to pull back your shoulder blades and realign your spines. This is when workouts such as jump rope come in to save yourselves from the ill-effects of I-T based work culture.

6 ) It’s Good For Your Brain & Overall Mental Health

Believe it or not, jumping rope can do wonders when it comes to mental health. Not just it makes you smarter but helps fight serious issues like depression, anxiety and mood swings.

According to a study published by jump rope institute; a simple act of skipping aids in the growth of both hemispheres of the brain.

It results in mental alertness, increased memory, better reading skills, reflexes, and abstract thinking.

Continues jumping on your feet against the pressure to avoid tipping off; encourage your brain to develop new neural links and adjust existing neural responses.

This in addition to increased blood supply during the act; helps relieve stress and get better sleep.

When jumping rope our brain needs to make frequent calculation on the speed, distance of rope, its direction and relative position to came with a perfect rhythm to jump at the right time.

As a result, your brain works overtime to find the correct rhythm. This then allows our brains to grow and become more efficient at handling it over time.

It is then reflected on your intelligence, cognitive function, mental state and ability to concentrate or remember. So better add this exercise to your workout routine to be more efficient and mentally sharp.

7 ) Fewer Foot Injuries And Help You Recover Faster

As discussed earlier jumping rope improves your foot coordination, is good for your bone and helps improve reflexes. Together they play a critical role in decreasing foot and ankle injuries.

You will really appreciate this benefit if suffering from foot and ankle injury. This is especially beneficial if you need to strengthen your legs being an athlete.

In sports like soccer, basketball, American football, Kabaddi and tennis athletes have a high rate of foot and ankle related injury. Jumping rope not just decrease the risk for injury but also strengthen your ankles and feet.

It is able to do so because here you land on the balls of your feet; rather than the knees. This puts controlled pressure on ankles and foot letting them grow stronger over time.

The reason skipping is great at dealing with such injury is because of its ability to strengthen your legs muscles, feet and ankle slowly practicing without putting much pressure.

With stronger feet and better foot coordination you just get better at sports and also avoid getting injured more often. You will find yourself stay quiet on toes and have better reflex action.

How To Get Most Out Your Jump Rope - Benefits of Jumping Rope

How To Get Most Out Your Jump Rope

Now that you have learned all about the benefits of jumping rope. You might be wondering how to get the most out of this exercise. Well, it starts with investing just 5 minutes of your day finding a quality jump rope and the other 5 skipping each day for your lifetime.

Yes, you can start with as little as just 5 minutes and yet expect some results. See, that’s the beauty of jump ropes that other workouts can’t compete with. This way it’s hard to find excuses and provide a solid starting point for the beginners. In case you are having trouble, I suggest you start with just 1 minute and then increase the duration each day.

Build the Habit

How many times did you set an alarm early in the morning? Perhaps many times but did you wake up on the first try or just snooze the alarm for the next five minutes. I did that and so do you; tell me if I am wrong.

When it comes to building good habit we all make resolutions, take initiative but did not keep up to our commitments. Well, my friend, this is what happens if we dream a little too big.

let’s face it, we all know how to get in shape, eat healthily or exercise. And yet hardly a few of us stick longer than 2 weeks. One can easily say its all common and takes quite some effort in personal improvement.

But why?

At first building, new habits are tough especially if its a good one. Second, our lazy brain continuously seeks instant gratification and a source of inspiration from outside.

That is why you might see people continuously searching for some new motivational quotes or videos to pump up their brains with this sense of self-importance and achievement.

Luckily there are some strategies that help you stick to your workout commitment or building a new habit in general. I have been using them for some time and see great results.

First, recognize the problem, make a habit to log down your efforts, start small so it is hard for your brain to resist, be consistent ( follow a fixed routine or time for workout) and focus more on the process than the end results.

The Workout

Did you know there are at least 5 unique ways to perform skipping? While some are used by professionals as warmup exercise and others as the follow-through workouts.

These exercises can be done in between or after your regular workout session or as a stand-alone exercise on your cardio day. The core of which is to start skipping the way you like the most.

One of the simplest techniques involves one to step in the middle of the rope with its ends stretched upward holding the handle on each hand. Now step a little front of the rope and swing.

Now keeping your legs straight now jump softly as the rope reach your feet; thus keep swinging the rope and try to avoid tipping off jumping at the right time to let it pass through.

before you start to jump rope for longer make sure you do a full-body warm-up before you jump rope. Below are some of these cool jump rope techniques to try:

  • Double Jumps
  • Split-leg Jump
  • Crossovers
  • Straddle
  • Alternate legs
  • Straddle Cross
  • Wide to narrow jump
  • Run Skip
  • Hig Knees
  • Rope Jumping ladder

Be Consistent

What the meaning for knowing all the benefits of jumping rope if you can’t be consistent. In any stream of work, whether it’s your office job, business, fitness or weight loss consistency is the key to success.

You build a routine, routine helps build habit and habit bring results. Consistency is King without it you will never see results. It just can’t happen you get results skipping 6 hours for a day and resting for the week.

No matter what the situation is, how busy or ill you are; there is just no excuse for the work you need to do. For once it might be fine but frequent gaps would break your consistency and hinder your growth.

Bruce Lee has once said:

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”

An essential element to building consistent behavior is to plan ahead; analyze your routine to find spare time, a lot a particular time to a task and document your progress.

Documenting your journey either by logging information in an excel sheet, piece of paper or by making a video. This helps you keep motivated and focused on your goal.

let me give you an example so you can understand the importance of being consistent. Ants like loaves of bread but they can never take them in whole to where they live.

So they break them into pieces and take them home. At first, it doesn’t seem much but within 48 hours you will be amazed to see; there is hardly anything left of that bread.

This happened not because of some special ability of ants to lift but because of being consistent at their work to break a piece and take them home.

Forget Perfection And Loose More!

One of the main response of early quitters is being imperfect in a particular task or workout. That is just a clever excuse for your laziness and inability to ever change.

There is nothing so great about being perfect. It is all relative as what may be perfect for you will not be the same for others. It is all about the best you can get from yourself.

Even renowned athletes make mistakes and only hold their perfection for a very small period of time or season. Being perfect is all but rubbish while doing what necessary is all that counts.

Forget about all those minute details and add a little flexibility to your routine. Many people just can’t follow their plan being it isn’t flexible. So be consistent and work hard.

You will be surprised by the end of 3 months what you have achieved in such a short time; all by just knowing the benefits of jumping rope and how to get the most of skipping.

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