How To Be Strong Without Gaining Weight Or Muscles

How To Be Strong Without Gaining Weight Or Muscles

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I know its hard and sometimes frustrating; to be strong without gaining weight or muscles. Usually we lift weights and eat more nutritional diet to build strength. But that comes with an effect of increase in muscular mass and so does your weight. While for many its desirable and even encouraging; but its not an option if you want to stay lean.

It takes more than just lifting weights to build core body strength; while keeping your slim trim body. In fact physical activity is only the one half of the strength training exercise. The other half is the neuromuscular training and adaptation to train your brain and muscles; to do twice the work with same quantity of muscles.

In fact it is what you need to work on achieving your fitness goal; without stressing too much on traditional strength training.

For long being strong and strength is referred to being muscular with high physical strength. In fact its combination of both physical and neurological strength. Have you observed; how quickly body adapts to more weights in gym. But after some time it just feels stuck at the point with very slow improvement.

The rapid adaption of your body to weights is what called as neurological strength. Its a process in which; your brain just learn how to efficiently use your existing body muscles. But after the time it reach limits; it call to build extra muscles which takes time and feel like you are having a slow progress.

So you just need to prepare your brain to efficiently utilize your existing muscles to its capacity. All it requires is a light physical exercise followed by a long mental preparedness.

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Yes you do not have to workout at the gym to build strength; but that does not mean you don’t have to exercise. Our brain is so damn smart and lazy that; it will not learn anything till you put some physical effort into it. The whole process consists of several steps starting from “Make up your Mind” to “Keeping things Going”.

All our muscles consists of two sets of fiber; slow twitch and fast twitch. A slow twitch fiber is self regulatory muscle fiber responsible for high endurance low intensity work. On another hand a fast twitch fiber is a responsive muscle fiber voluntary controlled by your brain; this contains action upon which you have direct control such as lifting weights.

The following steps are targeted to various prospects of these muscles sub types; and train them to better utilize there capacity.

1 ) Make Up Your Mind

You are lazy and so does your brain; it just don’t want to change or improve upon unless necessary. Look at your past actions; how you take shortcuts and try to skip from hard word. It’s in our DNA to just do the minimum effort to survive. Now in order to make your fitness goals a success; you need to give your brain an internal push.

Get inspired, make plans, commit yourself, feel the desire to change, be vocal about your commitments and get an end goal. While this does not train your brain but at least prepare them for the future efforts. Being prepared helps your brain secure more motor units for the unknown and thus improves muscular fiber activation.

A motor unit or neuron is a part of the central nervous system; which sends and receive electrical signals to and from brain and muscles fiber. Your brain sends electrical or chemical impulses to these motor units; which then activates the connected muscular fiber to them. The more motor units your brain sends signals to; the more muscular fiber get activated to act or apply force.

So it is important to prepare your mind to learn; how to improve motor response and the time for which they can be activates without fatigue. Once you are mentally alert and prepare its time to start the real work.

2 ) Fixing Up Your Routine

A healthy body resides with a healthy lifestyle and proper routine. While its unpleasant to hear; but strength training of any form requires you to have balanced life with proper sleep pattern. This means its time to be a good boy or girl to yourself; saying no to drugs, alcohols and late night life of any type.

You do not need to worry though; as you are already a step ahead of others finding what change you need to make to fix your routine. Do not start with extreme rather take small steps to slowly set yourself in a healthy lifestyle. Wake up early morning, be grateful to yourself and family, eat healthy, smile and sleep on time.

The point is you not have to take or do any thing associated with stress and poor lifestyle. It is not though you cannot achieve success without a fix routine or self discipline. Though people with healthy lifestyle and fixed routine have better rate of success. To be strong certainly you can do anything; but having a fixed routine or steps to follow just amplify your results.

I would suggest you to reserves some time for yourself doing exercise and yoga with no one to disturb in. Its not even important to have it on same time each day. Having a yoga mat will help you save extra effort and time preparing the floor for exercise or yoga.

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3 ) Yoga – The Subconscious Strength Training

If you want to be strong and calm your mind; there can be nothing more effective as yoga. It is the best way to build natural strength while increasing overall flexibility of muscles. While you can easily train your fast twitch muscles; doing exercise such as pushups and pull-ups or lifting weights at gym.

You train your slow twitch muscles to work efficiently by holding on for moments during different yoga posses. This not only helps improve endurance but also reduce fatigues in fast twitch muscles. The beauty of following a yoga posses is that; you train your body parts without putting much effort into it.

Start your yoga with a child pose followed by boat pose, chair pose, extended triangle pose, handstand, feathered peacock pose and high plank pose. Complete three reps of each pose with a deep breath exercise for 60 seconds in between. Furthermore performing yoga for half an hour boost metabolism, reduce weight, improve flexibility, strengthen joints and increase bone density.

The best thing about yoga is that; even you can do different strength training exercise including physical demanding sports or gym. A yoga will be only something which brings all three; calm mind, peace and strength at any time. It’s not only a way of exercise but lets you talk to your soul and feel energetic from inside.

4 ) Simple Strength Training Exercise

Traditionally the way to build strength is to lift heavy weights for quick short intervals. But who needs big heavy weight if you have your own body weight. Focus in strength building exercise such as pushups, pull ups, chin ups and squats. The secret behind building strength and not muscles is to do it big and quick.

What i mean is that you need to do 2 sets of 15 reps each with an warmup session of jogging and stretching. Doing such high intensity exercise for small sets helps; develop the fast twitch muscles increasing neuromuscular activity. Research have shown that three weeks of continues high intensity exercise triggers the growth of new muscles.

All you need to do is to break this cycle before the start of new muscular development to stay lean and fit. You can replace the intensity exercise from light aerobic exercise for a month and two before you restart your process. You can also add variation to your strength training by adding various workout combinations to your workout routine.

Complete two sets of eight reps for static lunge with curls, Triceps kick with Glute bridge and front squat with press. This helps you to be strong and fit; initializing necessary neuromuscular activity. One can also mix things up with lifting weights in form of dumbbells for fast results at a cost of increased muscles.

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5 ) Creating Balance In strength Training

Everything needs a break even you. You must have been through that phase when; you are too tired to do any job after the long hours of regular job. Similarly your muscles fiber too get extenuated and tired of work and need time to rest and recover. While in start it take more time to recover ; over time it improve but still need time to relax and recover.

Since physical exercise such as strength workout; focus on fast twitch muscles. While subconscious strength training such as yoga; work on slow twitch muscle fiber. So it is best practice to do yoga and high intensity strength training on alternate days. This helps maintain equal recovery time to different muscles type.

When your body meet with more challenging work than its capacity; it first activate the idle muscle fiber to help do the job. Then after if ample rest period is given with successive same challenge; our body work hard to increase the efficiency of our existing muscle fiber. Which soon lays the foundation block to be strong and healthy.

At last i hope you all the success in your fitness goals.

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