7 Best Back Exercises For Women To Tone Your Back & Feel Confident

7 Best Back Exercises For Women To Tone Your Back & Feel Confident

It is a common theme among most women to ignore or pay less attention to back exercises. In fact back exercises are key for women to maintain that curve with much needed strength. But still i find more women going only after their legs and abdomen.

Your back probably does more for you then we usually think what they do. It not just holds your vertebral column or protect internal organs; but also maintain good posture supporting your entire upper body structure. So add these best back exercise for women to your workout routine ASAP!

We stress it more probably the most in our body spending time hunched over laptops, iPad, P.C, smartphones and more. Even our day to day activities like jogging, walking, driving and even holding children’s or objects put pressure on our back. Whether you want to put that nice dress you just buy or the one you wore last night for the party; you need your back to be toned, strong and sexy to impress anyone who see.

There are certain exercise which most women can do without much effort to tone your back, improve posture, stability and strength. In this article you will discover 7 best back exercise for women to do to get in shape for sure, and make you feel more confident.

Why Back Exercises Matter And Can It Be Done At Home?

Your back muscles has to fuel almost all of your work as you always need support and stability. A weak back can lead to all short of trouble from poor posture, low shoulder strength and back pain. Working on your back not just helps you avoid above mentioned issues but also strengthen the spine and pelvis.

There are multiple muscle groups in our back of which the four are quite significant; trapezius, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi and erector spinae. The trapezius muscle group is located at the upper part of your back and support your shoulders and neck.

Similarly, the rhomboids is situated in the mid upper portion and latissimus dorsi which account for the muscle group that support and surround the ribs and back muscles from outer sides. At last the erector spinae is the muscle group located in the lower back of our body; and is what associated with most lower back problem.

Thus our back muscles are far more important than just look good with your next backless dress. Yes, you should work on it for that but also for your own health benefits. Many women suffer from back issue due to poor strength at back; so why waiting for registering with the gym when you can do it at home.

Yes, back exercise can easily be done at home with minimum tools and effort. All it needs is a little corner at home and some weight to workout.

Shape Your Back With 7 Best Back Exercise For Women

1 ) T Raises

Its the easy one to do it at home which only require a low weight dumbbell. To start stand in upright straight position at shoulder width apart with dumbbells in hand. Now you can perform this exercise in two position either in standing position or with a little bend.

Now for T Raises in standing position you need to lock your elbows so you do not bend your elbows when lifting. Following a neural spine slowly lift your both hands sideways to your shoulder level. Hold on to that position for a few seconds ( 3 to 5 ) and then slowly release to normal.

For the T Raises with bent you need to lower your torso bending your knees pushing the hip back. Maintain a position where your torso is parallel to the ground. Now lift your weights sideways up to shoulder height distance keeping your arm straight as possible.

Hold on for a few seconds before slowly releasing your hands down. Complete 4 to 5 sets of this exercise with any position i.e bent or straight to make your upper and middle back portion strong.

2 ) Bow & Arrow Using Resistance Band

It is another good one of all back exercises idle for beginners to do it at home. The exercise is done with the help of resistance band and is primarily targeted on middle and upper back muscles. While the secondary target muscles for this exercise are biceps, triceps and shoulder.

At first place your resistance band around your hand two or three times for better grip. Make sure you do not put strain around your fingers. Once done stand at shoulder width apart keeping your back straight; one may stand just 2-3 inch apart from the wall to ensure perfect straight posture.

Now slowly raise your hands upwards to shoulder height position, you may keep your hands a little lower but never exceed it beyond your shoulder height. Keeping one hand straight move your right hand back as you were pulling an arrow backwards in a bow.

Repeat maximum number of reps you can within 5 minutes with alternate hands. One need to perform this exercise each alternate day to see maximum results.

3 ) Good Morning Exercise

There are many weird theories to how this name came; some says its came from the Japanese tradition to bow to say good morning or show respect. Others claim it resembles the way we wake up and rise out of bed in the morning. So many names, that many explanation but one thing is known to all; of all back exercises its the best for your lower back.

It is a weight lifting exercise in which the person needs to lift two weights in a certain order putting controlled pressure on your back. The exercise is good to be known for strengthening your lower back and hip. Basically its a hip extension workout where we need weights to build strength in our lower back.

Start by standing at shoulder width apart with dumbbell in hand. Lift these dumbbells to almost to your shoulders keeping your palm facing forward. Now keeping your torso straight and knees slightly bent slightly push your upper body downwards bending from your hip.

Keep bending til you find your upper body parallel to the floor. Hold on to that position for a few seconds and slowly return to initial position. Repeat this step 30 times each day for better hip mobility and lower back strength

Note: Do not try this exercise if you have lower back issues like back pain or sleep disk.

4 ) Stability Ball Extension – Upper, Middle & Lower Back Exercises

If you expecting the best back exercises to be fun and supper easy the this one is just for you. In this all you need is a exercise ball and your body weight to do the lower back strength workout. People takes time and effort to strengthen their upper back, abdomen and chest; but not this time thanks to this simple exercise that makes workout playful and fun experience.

The only complexion that came with this exercise is the size of exercise ball. It so depends on your length and exercise experience; that most can’t give an exact ball size to use. Ideally if you are short say 5’1” you need the ball with much smaller circumference.

People of height 5’8″ to 6’9″ can use any average ball you can find in stores or online. For those longer than 7 they should consider buying ball of size bigger than average. Lie on the exercise ball with the ball, resting under your stomach and the hip portion.

Now by maintaining stability put your both hands behind your head and try to stretch your upper body forward. Lift up your torso flexing your hamstrings, hip and back muscles. Hold on to the highest position possible for few seconds before returning back to normal.

5 ) Superman Perfect Lift

The superman perfect lift is well known for its positive impact on abs and back muscles. Not just its easy to do but also helps relieve back pain and other back related issues. Many fitness training program incorporate this exercise at the end of their sessions; and held work your abs, upper and lower back at the same time.

Much like the flexibility ball extension you just need to flex your body upwards to strengthen targeted muscles group. The exercise is considered to be safe for all age group and does only require your own body weight to start with. Although there are many variations, we will stick to the most common and basic version of this exercise.

Lie down on top of your yoga mat with your face facing downwards and legs shoulder width apart. Now extend your arms in front while lifting your body parts i.e arms, legs and chest keeping your core down. Hold on to that position for the next 5 seconds before slowly coming back to initial position.

However easy and safe it might be than other back exercises it may still do much bad if you over extend your body. So its wise to start with a lift of 4-5 inch above and slowly increasing the height.

Push up hold - Back exercises

6 ) Push-Up Hold

I know its not that beginners friendly but don’t let yourself think its not your thing. I have seen many give up before even trying. How can you know for sure you can’t do it; unless you really tried and give your best. For those few who doubt themselves i must say have faith in yourself; you can do it for sure!

While regular pushups do more help to your core muscles, pushup hold helps more with strength and flexibility at your back. Doing pushup hold is simple as you just follow the normal pushup procedure but with a hold at each steps and position.

Start by getting in the pushup position with hands shoulder width apart. Make sure your legs are hip width apart and in straight line from top to bottom. Hold on to this position for 30 seconds and more before lowering down bending your elbows. Stop at the position just a few inches above the ground and hold there for another 30 seconds or more.

Then slowly get back to initial push up position and repeat the process for next 6 reps of 5 minute each. Its not a beginner friendly exercise so you may not survive till the 6 reps; do not worry its normal and you will get better.

7 ) Bent Over Dumbbell Fly

Not all beginners friendly back exercises that demands high core strength with great deal of mobility. This exercise is specially for those women who wants to tone their upper back. Be sure you do other strength training exercise for the core along side this for best result.

Start by standing with your feet at shoulder width apart holding dumbbell in hands. Now slowly bend downward from your hip till your upper body is in parallel to the ground; bending over to 90 degrees in first place with little help from slightly bent knees.

Take a deep breath and exhale while you lift both your arms to the sides at shoulder height above. Hold for a few seconds and return back to starting position in backward order. Now repeat the same exercise for another 20 to 25 times with very short breaks ( Less than 30 Seconds ) in between.

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Ladies, all above mentioned back exercises are great in itself and will help you achieve toned nice looking back. All are beginners friendly and easy to do and thus more effective; as we all need something which we can do at home without much equipment and see quick improvements to keep motivated.

While common feature of all above exercise is to build strength and tone your back; they all target different muscles group as their primary and secondary target. So to get the best possible result i suggest you to mix things up and make a routine to follow.

General Disclaimer:This article is for general information only and does not intended to replace an informed medical opinion. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem. Always consult your doctor before changing your diet, sleep habits, dietary supplements, or a new exercise routine.

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