40+ Cool Bike Names To Distinguish Them From Each Other

40+ Cool & Funny Bike Names | Best Bike Name Ideas

Are you looking for cool names for your new bike but don’t know where to start? We can help!

Coming up with cool bike names is so much fun but there are so many to choose from. From Greek mythological gods to interesting titles, simple but cool translations, inordinate objects, and beyond.

Cool bike names can come from so many different places, it can be hard to pin one down. Especially if more than one person is involved in the decision!

We’re going to help you with that!

I have asked other cyclist online and among my friends to share their ideas on cool bike names, and you’ll find many here. Not to mention my own research and brain storming involved.

After all a good bike name not just need to be cool and personal but should also be fitting for the ‘personality’ of your bike. It’s almost as if one can understand much about you and your bike just by the name.

Here are 40+ cool bike names suggestion for you that we came up with. I believe you will find one suitable for your bike and would share more names to add on to the list via comment or contact form.

1. Saikil

Hindi for cycle, if your ride keeps churning on through life, this might be the name for it. A statement of physical speed and a spiritual statement of going with the flow, changing what you can, and accepting what you cannot.

2. Sirius Black

Sirius Black, eccentric and energetic. This name is perfect for bikes with a lot of character, bikes that have seen a lot. Despite his ragged age by the time of his appearance in the books and films, Sirius stepped onto the stage with insatiable energy that couldn’t be stopped. A bike of a similar quality deserves such a name.

3. Tysan

Tysan, the chosen one. Did your bike take you to victory in a race you didn’t think you’d win? Did picking up the bike pull you out of a hard time in your life?

If you feel you were destined to ride the bike you have now, this name of African origin is the right call for it.

4. Vera

Sometimes you have to let faith take the wheel. Vera is a name of Slavic origin that means just that, faith. When you’re out there in the mountains, on rough and dangerous terrain, sometimes you might need a little faith.

5. Carmine

Carmine has been the name of many a famous Italian. It means “garden,” or “of song.”

Perhaps you like taking your bike out through the countryside, or maybe going for a ride is just sweet music to you. Either way, Carmine fits just fine.

6. Angry Dolphin

This is a fun one. Dolphins can be cute, but they’re full of surprises. Get one mad, and it won’t hesitate to try and fight you. If you’ve got an elegant but powerful ride, then you have the perfect name right here.

7. Moon Lander

Do you like to set records? Tread new land? Speeding down the roads, through the trees, and to places you’ve never gone before can feel like the adventure of a lifetime. This name is perfect for those with a pioneering soul!

8. Lil Buddy

If you want to make something instantly endearing, make it small. Lil buddy is the name of a bike that’s compact, but with lots of personality. If you’ve decked your bike out with a little basket, given it some decoration, and personality, then this is a great fit.

9. Diablo

Striking, with a name like Diablo your bike will carry a presence. Do you burn down the road like a demon? Paint your bike in black and christen it with this devilish name.

10. Nite Rider

Just remember to bring some reflective gear. Zooming through the night in the middle of summer is a breathtaking experience. If you want to feel the wind on your face and find your own space in the night, this is the right name for the bike that you take with you on your journey.

11. Sleipnir

Sleipnir is the loyal, eight-legged horse of Odin. Majestic and dangerous, the Norse god rides Sleipnir through the skies and the roads as he begins the wild hunt. This is the perfect name for a bike that’s clean, powerful, and sturdy.

12. Cadence Factor

Keep churning up road. The first step to winning any competition starts with your mindset. For the athletic, racer-types, naming your bike Cadence Factor is a good way to signal that you can put the pedal to the metal.

13. Raven

Like Sleipnir above, ravens have a deep connection to the god of knowledge, Odin. Ravens can be an omen or a sign that destiny is on the way, This is a great name for folks who want to send a message with their riding skills!

14. Bumblebee

Just imagine it. Paint your bike yellow, add a little basket, and a bell. It would be adorable.

Bumblebee brings forth images of someone delivering packages on their bike or picking up a few items at the farmers market on the way back from work, very cute.

15. The Tank

Sometimes you have to go with something sturdy. When you’re going touring on your bike and you load it up with five different bags and satchels, it can be fun to imagine a heavy-lifting tank, churning up road.

16. Jitensha

Add a little bit of mystery with the name Jitensha. It’s Japanese for bicycle, but it packs a lot more energy and chic with how much more poetic it sounds.

17. My Tank

Want to add a more personal touch from our previous tank suggestion? If your bike has seen a lot and carried you through a lot, then maybe it’s okay to show it a little bit of love with this name.

18. Speedy

It’s scary how fast some bikes dart across the road. If you have a light, aerodynamic speed demon, then Speedy is a great title for it.

19. Behemoth

Some folks manage to find bikes that are just massive. Touring bikes with loads of hardpoints and baggage. Does your bike cut an imposing figure? Then a name like Behemoth will complete the look.

20. Globemaster

You may not be able to travel the world in 80 days on your bike, but you can certainly carry the spirit of adventure with you. For those who like to go globetrotting on their bikes, Globemaster is a fun and exciting name.

40+ Cool & Funny Bike Names | Best Bike Name Ideas
Image Credit: TimothyJ | License: CC BY 2.0

21. Nighthawk

Silent, fast, and agile. These are the feelings that the nighthawk calls forth. Bikes who slice through the air like a knife deserve a name as fitting as this.

22. Schemer

Sometimes you want to put a little mystery behind the name. Schemer is a fun one. It sounds smart, almost chic, but it also assumes a little bit of mischief.

It’s a fun name if you want your bike to have a little bit of charming character.

23. Glow Cloud

If “schemer” implies mystery, “Glow Cloud” is outright ominous. Add some neon paint or cloud decals and you have a bike set for Halloween. If you want to keep it more subtle, maybe a meteor gray paint job would be a better fit.

24. Drahtesel

Drahtesel is one of those fun, German words that doesn’t have an exact parallel in English. Literally, it means “wire donkey” and is a loving term for a bike that’s beat-up, old, secondhand, and packed with character.

If your bike’s seen the world and earned a few bruises, Drahtesel can be an endearing new title for it.

25. Falcon

A falcon is dangerous, but also beautiful. A bike that packs a lot of speed in an elegant package isn’t that different. Name your bike “falcon” and all that it will be missing after is a set of talons.

26. Trixie

The bringer of joy! Trixie is a great name for a bike that screams happiness. A bike designed in bright colors, streamers, or some other colorful aesthetic deserves a fitting name like Trixie.

27. Zeus

With a name like Zeus, your bike will bring down the clouds and lightning. Zeus calls forth the image of your bike darting across the sky in a powerful dash.

28. Silver Bullet

Decked out in silver and chrome? Then your bike might resemble a silver bullet as it zooms down the road like a train.

29. Andrey

Coffeehouses and urban vibes, a name like Audrey dreams of warm, spring days and slow, cozy rides. A bike painted in warm earth tones that likes to go on casual rides deserves a perfect name like this to match.

30. Siren

Calling back to more Greek mythology, the sirens were elegant, yet dangerous creatures that sang a deadly song. This name is great if you like to take your bike racing along the coast.

31. Speed liner

Just thinking about the words “Speed liner” pack a kinetic kind of feeling to it. Any racing bike could match perfectly with a name like this.

32. Crazy bout

If you wanna show your bike a little love, an affectionate name like so is a cheeky and fun way to do it. If you ride a bike painted in reds or pinks it’s even more perfect!

33. Spirit Racer

The point of naming your bike is to give it a little soul right? What about spirit racer? Your bike will feel less like a machine and more like a noble steed with a name like that!

34. Arrow

Aerodynamic and deadly are the first things that come to mind with a name like that. It’s fitting for a ride that’s sleek and quick on the draw.

35. Valentine

Your bike won’t be the only one that gets a little bit more character out of naming it, Valentine. Riding around on a bike called Valentine is bound to show just how charming you can be to others!

36. Code of Honor

Noble and steady. A bike that’s stuck with you through and through is more than worthy of a name like Code of Honor. You’ll be making a statement as well when you show up to the races with such a strong name for your ride.

37. Bigbrown

This one’s easy. If you have a big hauler of a bike, decked out in brag paint, bags, or other gear, then this name is perfect. The most charming names are often the most simple!

38. Assault

Want to intimate the crowd before you jet down the road in a race? The competition will think twice before they step up to bat against you with a bike named Assault.

39. Silver Spirit

A beautiful and kind name that sounds like spring. SIlver spirit is a gorgeous name for a chic bike meant for long trips along the windy countryside.

40. Champion

You know the worth of your bike. You know that it’s a champion. If your bike’s scored you more than a few rewards, why not let it wear that pride on its chest and name it champion, simple as that.

41. Pheonix

Throw some flaming decals on your bike and name it phoenix! A kinetic racer of a bike that’s come back from more than a few races could do with a majestic name like that.

42. Death Machine

A hardcore name for a heavy-duty bike. If you’re tearing through road and competition alike, go ahead and give them a warning by name your ride death machine.

43. Steel Monkey

Yet another fun one, gotta love steel monkey. The first thing that comes to mind is bike-lovers that love to tune up their rides any chance they get; its among the best cool bike names i came up with.

If you like to give your ride the care it deserves and take care of it daily, this name is a great fit for it.

44. Commuter Hero

This will be a fun one to share with your coworkers. If you’re commuting with your bike, it is saving you a lot of money in gas and a car. That’s hero material in my book.

45. Steel Wheels

Another cool bike names for a sturdy machine. Steel wheels is a name for a bike that takes to the dirt with ease and strength. If you take your bike off-road and it gets the job done every time, then it very well may seem like it if has steel wheels.


There’s no wrong way to go about naming your bike. What makes you feel good and confident is always what comes first. Naming it after a road or hill near where you live isn’t a bad idea, but neither is naming it after an icon of yours or a creature from ancient mythology.

Sometimes it’s as simple as finding a better work for the bike in another language or finding a word that just sounds nice to say.

Honestly? You could even go and ask your kid or a little sibling to name your bike. Sometimes kids come up with the purest and fun names for things, and it takes the pressure off of you as well.

Friends may also have some insights on a good name if they’ve gone on rides or gone racing with you before.

Regardless of what you choose, feeling confident while you ride is an important part of performing well and having fun, so choose a name that feels good for you and you should have no regrets!

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